Who can participate?

All places of worship, of any confession.  In charge of the organization of events, it can be the single parish with his parish priest. It can be useful in order to support the parish priest to assign a project leader, and two or three people who will be directly involved in the project in an intense and creative manner.

If instead you are an association, a band, an artist, etc., and you want to perform, propose to your parish priest to participate in the Long Night, and maybe you can take care of the organization of the evening.

Goals of the event

To give you a little help, please find below the guidelines:

  • To give an evident sign of the life of the Christian Church.
  • Being an opportunity to meet people who have often distanced themselves from the Church.
  • Making the plurality of the expressive forms of the Christian Church and of the religious communities experimental.
  • To awaken the interest in the cultural and social initiatives of the churches.
  • Presenting churches as important parts of public life.
  • To make especially the children and young people discover the church as a living space.

What to organize

For the realization of the program, each parish/church is responsible for the choice of the individual contents. Only in this way can have a varied and different offer. The proposals can be of any type and range from music, art, theatre, guided tours, moments of reflection, etc. We do not put limits on creativity! In the Reserved Area, you will also find a list of events organized in past editions.

Theme of the 5th Edition

The next 5th Edition is scheduled for the June 5, 2020.

News cling soon…!

How to participate in the Long Night of the Churches

  • The next edition will be Friday, June 5, 2020. If you want to join with your Diocese, Parish, Community, etc., we invite you to talk about it with your collaborators. At the next meeting┬áof the parish pastoral council or at the next meeting of collaborators, discuss your possible participation in the Long Night of the Churches.
  • Participating is very simple! You can join with any place of worship. There is no minimum or maximum number and the event is open to all religious confessions.
  • For more details,┬áyou can ask for the EVENT GUIDE, which explains how to organize your Long Night of Churches. We also invite you to read the frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)that are often made to us.
  • REGISTER your user┬áto access the private area from which to register the churches you want to participate.