From what light do I let myself be illuminated?

The 4th edition of the Long Night of the Churches will be held on Friday June 7th 2019 with lots of news! We hope to make this event even more significant and profound. Little steps forward, every year we try to enrich the project of new proposals but also of some concrete challenges and objectives that we would like to complete on June 7th.

The first novelty is the introduction of an official theme that for the fourth edition will be that of “LIGHT” in its multiple nuances and complementary declinations. It wants to be a proposal on which to reason in organizing the initiatives for June 7, remembering that there is always a wide freedom of interpretation and the maximum degree of autonomy in the conception of events. We do not put limits on creativity!

You can freely inspire yourself to the following interpretations and declinations, of which you will find further details in the dedicated attachments:

  • LIGHT AS HOPE, PRESENCE OF GOD: dall’origine cosmologica, luce che si fa storia, luce della creazione, alla luce “oggi” in relazione all’uomo contemporaneo.
  • PHYSICAL LIGHT, TO ILLUMINATE: a project of cooperation with Africa and the raising of funds to bring photovoltaic panels into one / more light-free places of worship.

These 2 categories want to be a guide, a path to choose to design the initiatives of the fourth edition, especially with a question that will always remain in the background:

From what light do I let myself be illuminated?

Thanks for the time and energy you want to dedicate to the Long Night of the Churches!