Some answers to the questions that are often asked.

Who can join the event?

All Christian places of worship, of all religious confessions, may adhere. It is an ecumenical event.

I'm an organizer. Do I have to pay to register one or more churches at the event?

No. Participating in the Long Night of the Churches has no cost. You can join with any number of churches/places of worship.

I am a visitor. Do you have to pay to attend the events?

No. All events organized during the Long Night of the Churches are free with free admission.

Who deals with the organization of events in the Churches?

The organization is organized by the participating Churches, through their offices, parishes, volunteers…

What kind of events can be organized?

Any type of event, obviously always respecting places of worship. Music, art, culture, spirituality, guided tours, activities for children, etc. No limits to the imagination!

I am a musical/private association/group ... can I perform?

Of course. Propose your performance, activities, etc., to a church or for example to the parish of your city. Ask the parish priest to contact us, or organize the event on behalf of the Church. (Go to the “Organizers” section).

Is there a reimbursement of expenses for organized events recognized?

No. At present, it is not possible to distribute contributions to the Churches. All organizational costs are borne by the participating institution.

Who is involved in the promotion?

The promotion of “national” level will be carried out by our organizational secretariat, which will send communications also at “regional” and “provincial” level (within Italy). Local advertising, on the other hand, will be carried out by the participating Churches through their means of communication and in their time and resources.